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Dear D and Sharon,
We want to thank you for all of your hard work and professionalism. We have lived in my home for 23 years. The backyard has been a source of embarassment.

Thanks again for all your help,
Shelly and Phil Trop

Low Consumption Irrigation

Why should You convert the existing irrigation to a drip system?

Connects directly to the hose bib and doesn't require cutting water supply lines.
Avoids randomly watering your plants (and the weeds).
Targets the exact area where you want the water (for example, the roots) and allows you to deliver it at the exact time you wish (using a timer).
Installs easily, plus the system components are relatively inexpensive. Kits are available or you can purchase individual components to customize and expand your system.
Delivers water without creating an overly moist environment that promotes fungal diseases.
Adapts easily to changes in landscape. Systems can be used for containers, raised beds, vegetable rows or balconies. Drip irrigation can circle a tree or shrub at the dripline.
Reduces erosion on slopes (remember to place the emitter upslope, above the plant).
Improves water-holding capacity in sandy soils.